Employment Among Hotel Staff on the Rise

by William ASTON on October 7, 2009

A recent survey of recruitment consultants showed that the labor placements, especially those in areas like hotel staff, have risen for the second consecutive month. Industry insiders say this is a strong sign that the United Kingdom is beginning to pull out of the global economic crisis that has caused high rates of unemployment. Generally, staff positions are the first to be affected by a poor economy, so resurgence in these jobs is a good indicator that things are starting to get better.

The travel and tourism industry has taken a large hit due to the combination of the poor global economy and the outbreak of the swine flu virus, which have together caused many people to stay home instead of taking holidays. Hotels around the United Kingdom were particularly affected by the recession, which forced many in the industry to find innovative ways to cut costs. This often means cutting staff, as amenities like room service are in less demand when customers are trying to save money, so hotels have less need for staff. However, the numbers indicate that this might be starting to change.

The report was put together by Markit Economics, which tries to gauge indicators in employment numbers that can give a big picture view of the overall economy. The numbers showed that staff placements rose about one percent in the month of September. This may not seem like a large boost, but the number of placements had gone down for sixteen straight months before rising in the last two.

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