England gets bad Lonely Planet review

by William ASTON on March 28, 2011

England has received a less than glowing write-up from one of the world’s most respected travel guides. The Lonely Planet has described the country as a place with a dodgy economy, full of celebrity-obsessed junk food addicts.

The current Coalition Government, made up of members from both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives, is also portrayed badly due to recent spending cuts and the widespread protests they have prompted. Regarded by many as a bible for travellers, more than 100,000 are expected to buy the book when it is published later this month.

David Else, who is the co-ordinating author of the series, describes Britain as a nation obsessed only by celebrity, despite having a vast cultural heritage of its own, including the Bronte sisters, Dickens and Shakespeare. He points out, however, that such literary gems have now been replaced by celebrity autobiographies of everyone from reality TV stars to footballers.

The guide then goes on to talk about the bad diets and food that are commonly found in the UK. Else claims that in many parts of the country, a meal of over-cooked vegetables, fatty meat and sliced white bread is still considered a treat. He added, however, that we are a nation obsessed by TV chefs, simply because of our love for watching the box.

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