Ethiopia gunmen slay five foreign tourists

by Ella FAIRCHILD on January 18, 2012

Unknown gunmen attacked and killed five foreign tourists in Ethiopia, according to reports from state TV.

The northern Afar region played host to the attack, which was carried out on Monday evening. The gunmen had crossed the border from neighbouring Eritrea, insisted TV. Two other tourists seriously hurt are now in hospital being treated. A third is rumoured to have luckily escaped the attack unharmed. Thus far, the nationality of the victims hasn’t been given.

The Afar region is regarded as being haven for terrorists and rebels from both Ethiopia and Eritrea. Ever since a 1998-2000 border war, the two east African countries have been bitter adversaries. The channel that ran the report, Ethiopian Television (ETV) told how the two injured tourists were taken to a clinic after being rescued by defence forces.

Berekt Simon, a spokesman of the Ethiopian authorities, explained that the group of tourists was attacked by rampant gunmen, who are
members of dangerous group trained and armed directly by the Eritrean government, late on Monday evening. Simon branded the incident as being typical terrorist activity from the regime.

A Western diplomat told Reuters that citizens of Germany were among those killed. This hasn’t been confirmed up to now but the German media has reported that the tourists were close to the volcano at Erta Ale, a popular spot for holidaymakers.

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