Etihad Airways to Include 3-room Cabin on Airbus A380s

by William ASTON on May 6, 2014

Etihad Airways believes that the next step to making flying more comfortable is to turn some of the seats on the plane into hotel rooms. At least, that is what it appears after Etihad Airways announced its plans to put a three-room cabin on its Airbus A380 planes.

This new section of the plane will be called the Residence. Etihad Airways said that it will take up the whole top deck of the A380s. The biggest room in the Residence will have a double bedroom, a living room, butler services and even a shower room.

The rest of the top of the Airbus aircraft is going to have nine First Apartments. These little private suites are going to come with full-length beds and lounge seats. There is no need to call for service since these First Apartments also come with a mini-bar. Although the First Apartments do not have their own showers like the suites, they do have access to a shower room that will be available to all first-class guests.

Etihad Airways will also be upgrading the other seas on its planes. The A380s will have new Economy Smart Seats and Business Studio Seats. The new Business Studio Seats will feature 20 percent more room than the current seats found in business class. They will also have an 11-inch monitor built into the back of every seat. Etihad Airways said that the planes will have a new in-flight entertainment system too. This will provide more options for everyone when it comes to picking a form of in-flight entertainment.

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