European hotel rates fell last year

by Emily DUNBAR on February 16, 2011

British holidaymakers have been cashing in on trips to other European countries, with cheap hotels reported to be dropping rates throughout 2010. Unlike most other parts of the world where room prices have gone up, tourists from the UK have had a wider choice of rooms for less across Europe.

The research, which was commissioned by the Hogg Robinson Group, surveyed 75 hotels across the world about their average room rates last year. Of the hotels that actually reduced their rates in 2010, some by as much as 11 percent, most were found on European shores.

Cheap flights offered by the likes of easyJet and Ryan Air have also made European travel more attractive to those still struggling with the lingering effects of the recession, with many people in Britain picking holidays closer to home.

Some of the best places for cheap hotels were identified as Greece, Ireland and Spain, with rooms in major cities coming down in price considerably during 2010. Also good news is that luxury hotels have become more affordable for the discerning traveller, thanks to a favourable exchange rate for the pound against the Euro.

Analysts are now predicting that 2011 will see a surge of bookings for Spain and Portugal thanks to an irresistible combination of good exchange rates, cheap hotel rooms and discount flight prices. According to some airlines, holidaymakers from the UK have already started booking up in advance for such locations.

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