Eurotunnel passengers accidently left onboard at Calais stop

by William ASTON on August 5, 2010

Around 20 Eurotunnel passengers heading to Calais, France were shocked when train operators forgot to let them off at their stop.

The passengers, hoping to enjoy a day in the French town, found themselves heading home sooner than they liked after Eurotunnel bosses neglected to allow passengers to disembark. The daytrippers were travelling on the Shuttle headed from Folkestone to Calaise when staff unloaded the front end of the train, however, forgot about the seven wagons in the rear.

About 20 of the passengers on the train service were seated in wagons located behind an empty wagon causing staff members to become confused and forget that the seven wagons behind the empty one had passengers in them.

When the train arrived back in Folkestone, the passengers were greeted by rightly embarrassed tunnel operators and sent back to Calais on the next available service. Passengers had originally departed at 8.50 am on Saturday only to find themselves right back at the Folkestone station over an hour later. All passengers were given a full refund for the train ride and a voucher for a free crossing in the future.

A spokesman for Eurotunnel said that the train operators were terribly sorry for the incident and that it was the first time any such incident had occurred in the operator’s 16-year operating history. However, the Channel Tunnel is not immune to delays. Common delays are experienced frequently and passengers have been subjected to severe delays in recent years.

Just this winter, inclement weather caused chaos in the cross-Channel services stranding 100,000 people using the tunnel. Eurostar bosses have said that the exceptional ‘fluffy’ snow caused challenges for the high-speed railway leading to the cancellations from London to Brussels and Paris.

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