Everest bookings double in just six months

by Tiffany Millar on July 4, 2012

An adventure holiday specialist has commented that bookings for Mount Everest trips have alarmingly doubled over 2012’s first six months.

World Expeditions said that it expects such trends to continue, with next year marking sixty years since a first ascent of the mountain was recorded by Edmund Hillary and his associate, Tenzing Norgar. Industry experts have suggested that the recent surge in tourist numbers has been aided by a series of permanent campsites being established on the mountain.

The travel agent says that travellers are now able to tackle Everest head-on in much shorter time than usual without having to compromise on safety. Since 1975, World Expeditions has been offering holidays to Nepal and has over 60 special itineraries for the Himalayas.

To mark the anniversary, a string of Everest treks have been planned for next May and will finish at the Buddist Thyangboche Monestery – a stunning structure that is noted for being 3,800m above sea level. May 29 2013, which would be exactly 60 years after Hillary and Norgar’s first ascent, has been earmarked for arrival at the historic site.

Travellers of all skills and abilities may participate in the treks, which are each inclusive of five days of acclimatising and getting used to the conditions of the area at the new campsites. In spite of not exceeding 3,800m, the new treks were announced amidst fears of overcrowding on the mountain.

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