FAA Proposes $787,500 Maintenance Fine Against American Airlines

by Emily DUNBAR on March 15, 2010

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proposed a total of $787,500 in maintenance fines on American Airlines Friday over violations. The US carrier says that they will review the penalties being proposed and meet with the watchdog to talk about them.

In a statement, American Airlines also said that they are very proud of their safety record and the commitment to safety put forth by their employees every day. Safety is fundamental to the airline’s culture and their success, the statement added, as they are the only US airline to continue handling the majority of its own heavy maintenance with FAA certified mechanics.

The fines come from 3 incidents that started in March 2007, during which American Airlines didn’t follow a directive on inspecting rudder components of some of their Boeing 757s, says the FAA. They said that 4 of the aircraft didn’t comply with airworthiness requirements because of this. Then the following month, the carrier let one of their planes operate 10 passenger flights after mechanics found a problem with one of the central air data computers on the plane - the flight crew was led to believe that the computers were working right at the time. Finally, in May, mechanics returned a MD-82 aircraft to service although many of its maintenance steps weren’t checked off, and the plane was allowed to fly twice with passengers on board.

It was just last month that the FAA proposed $2.9 million in fines against American Eagle Airlines, which is an American Airlines sister company. The carrier is accused of operating over 1,000 flights with aircraft whose main landing gear doors weren’t repaired to the agency’s standards.

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