False alarm at Glasgow International Airport

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on November 4, 2010

Authorities were called in to the Glasgow International Airport after a suspicious package was found in a central security area.

Just nine minutes after discovering the unknown item, airport security officials evacuated the Glasgow airport departures area, while a Scottish Army bomb unit was brought in. After inspecting the package, it was determined that the threat was a false alarm.

The package, discovered around 8pm, led to the disruption of the three remaining departures for that day at the airport. Passengers that had already been screened at the security checkpoint were allowed to continue into the airport, however, those waiting for security checks were quickly evacuated.

Strathclyde police forces responded to the incident, but a bomb squad unit ruled the item as a non-threat and the area of the airport was once again reopened. Assistance chief constable, Rhuraidh Nicolson acknowledged the incident saying that no bomb had been found, but that airport security had acted rightly to call in the bomb unit.

Other areas of the airport were not affected during the evacuation. A BAA spokesman apologised to any passengers inconvenienced, but maintained that airport security is of the highest priority.

The news comes as airports around the world crack down on security measures after two bombs bound for the US were discovered on cargo planes. One bomb was retrieved at the East Midlands Airport just before being loaded onto a US-bound cargo carrier.

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