Females change outfit 28 times while on holiday

by Tiffany Millar on July 11, 2012

Female travellers change their outfit at least 28 times on average during a week-long holiday, according to a new study .

Out of those that were asked to participate in the study, one in ten women confessed to changing clothes at least seven times per day during their trip, with the average woman changing four times a day. Commissioned by F&F, Tesco’s clothing brand, the survey of 2,000 British women also suggested that at least eight out of ten women travellers won’t get around to wearing every item of clothing they have packed.

It was found that a typical suitcase contains four dresses, two pairs of trousers or jeans, six tops, four skirts or pairs of shorts or skirts, three bikinis, two pairs of shoes, and three pairs of sandals or flip flops. Whilst on holiday, women will also buy two additional items of clothing.

Representing F&F, Bernadette Lusher commented that an average holiday day consists of several different different activities, which is why so many outfits must be worn. This includes bikinis by the pool, shorts for strolling around the shops, and a chic dress to wear for an evening meal.

The F&F poll suggested one in five women go over the baggage allowance given to them by their airline by taking so much with them abroad.

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