Ferrari big wig slams electric motors

by Ella FAIRCHILD on August 19, 2011

The chairman of Ferrari has told of his disbelief in electric cars, adding that his company will never manufacture one.

Mr Luca di Montezemolo’s comments have angered many who have said that electric cars offer the world’s only hope of an environmentally-friendly future.

Mr di Montezemolo said that he doesn’t feel electric cars represent important steps forward for successfully combatting pollution and CO2. Instead, he said that the company has been working on its own alternatives. We’re working incredibly hard on the first every hybrid Ferrari, he said, and this should become the future of the industry.

Despite slow take up of new electric motor technology, recent years have seen the giants of the world of automobiles start to make heavy investments in it.

Japanese manufacturer Nissan is just one of the big faces to commit to such idea, with its new Leaf design among the first to start going into mass production.

German car maker BMW has become the latest to announce new electric motor plans. Two new models were unveiled recently and they will be a key part of a new electric motoring division, named BMWi.

They are namely the i3 and the i8. The former is an all-electric car fitting for cities, while the latter, a powerful sports car, has been praised for combining electric motors with three-cylinder combustion engines.

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