Flybe Starts a Fares War on All Domestic Travel

by Ella FAIRCHILD on April 24, 2014

If people have been waiting for the right time to buy some domestic travel tickets, now might be the best time. Thanks to Flybe, a domestic travel price war has been started in the UK. This price war is not just aimed at rival airlines this time. In fact, Flybe hopes that this price war will also help move some consumers away from rail companies and back into the arms of airlines.

Ever since the economic downturn, travelers have been looking for ways to save money. One of the best ways was for people to stop flying for short-haul trips. It was cheaper to travel by train, even if it took longer. Although the economic downturn is over and things are returning to normal, many travelers have kept with their money-saving ways. This has hurt many airlines and sparked a lot of price wars.

This new price war is for flights this coming autumn. In order to compete with other rival airlines and train operators like First Great Western, the airline has launched new flights that connect cities in Britain and Ireland. According to Flybe, each weekday starting from October 27, there will be 30 flights from the Docklands airport. Flybe will be launching at least four daily flights from Edinburgh to Dublin as well. This will be Flybe’s way of trying to compete with the likes of CityJet and British Airways.

Saad Hammad, the chief executive of Flybe, said that the carrier is not trying to start an all-out price war. He said that it is simply trying to remain competitive in a harsh market. It believes that there is enough business for everyone on these routes.

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