FO advises against Japan travel

by Emily DUNBAR on March 15, 2011

All non-essential travel to north-eastern Japan and Tokyo has been advised against by the British Foreign Office after Friday’s devastating earthquake. More than 10,000 people are feared killed by the 8.9 Richter scale quake and the huge tsunami that followed.

The region, which has also experienced several strong aftershocks, has suffered widespread damage. The Japanese Meteorological Society also confirmed that there could be another strong earthquake at some point this week which could trigger a second tsunami.

The main concerns in the country however continue to centre around the Fukishima Daiichi nuclear power plant which has suffer two explosions since Saturday. A 20kms exclusion zone has been established around the facility but the government is insisting that the risk of a radiation leak is still minimal.

Flights in and out of the country are still operating but many are seeing severe delays. Cancellations and delays are also rife on Japan Rail trains from Tokyo, while the city’s metro system is running a reduced service. Narita Express services have also been cancelled.

Most holidaymakers have been told that they can rearrange or cancel their flights without incurring charges. The Foreign Office has also confirmed that a “large list” of Britons who remain unaccounted for is currently being worked through. Concerned relatives can call the FO in: 0207 008 0000.

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