Freezing temperatures back for round two

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on December 13, 2010

Families that had planned to take last minute Christmas shopping trips or visit relatives may have to rethink their holiday plans as a fresh cold snap gets ready to hit the UK.

As forecasters warn of sub-zero temperatures on the way, the country is bracing for another round of cold weather chaos. Biting winds blowing in from the Arctic will blanket the UK with snow again this week leaving Britain still under paralysis.

A combination of 50mph winds and an anticipated eight inches of snowfall could see roads blocked and railways impassable again. School closures and public transport stoppages could be on the way as well.

The icy weather is expected to pick back up again on Thursday and the Met Office is predicting it could last through New Year. However, after the first of the year, it is predicted that a more mild winter will begin to encompass the nation.

Even with the last 48 hours of relatively mild temperatures, UK shoppers managed to spend £2.5 billion on Christmas presents in a two-day period. High Street retailers enjoyed a surge in sales as frustrated shoppers made up for lost time last week.

However, by next weekend the internet’s popularity is expected to return as roads become icy and temperatures become unbearable once again. Forecaster, Brain Gaze from The Weather Outlook said that although the cold had eased up for a few days, it would return again with a vengeance on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

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