Fresh terror threats in France from Saudi Arabia

by Alister POOLE on October 18, 2010

Saudi Arabia has warned that France is an imminent target for an al-Qaeda attack, said the French interior minister Brice Hortefeux.

According to the minister, Saudi intelligence agencies are saying a threat in Europe, particularly France, is likely from al-Qaeda groups in the Arabian Peninsula. France has already been on high alert following a series of warnings of possible attacks in France, Germany as well as the UK.

Twice in September already the Eiffel Tower has been evacuated due to security threats. Mr Hortefeux said in a statement to the public that a new message from Saudi intelligence services was received warning the government of an upcoming attack.

Little detail was provided regarding the nature of the attack, but the interior minister issued a stern warning that the threat was real and being taken seriously.

The government has released the statement to urge the public to stay vigilant. The authorities, however, have fallen under criticisms by those who believe they are scaremongering. The officials threat level for France currently sits just one below the highest: scarlet.

French security forces have already been on high alert, but the Saudi warning has caused a fresh bout of tension in the country. The initial warning of an imminent threat facing Europe emerged last month and it is said that the plot is linked to al-Qaeda working closely with European militants.

Earlier in October, many countries issued travel advisories for France and Germany. The US and UK, followed by Sweden and Japan, warned citizens to avoid all non-essential travel during this time.

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Ricardo Cabeza October 19, 2010 at 4:01 am

What ass wrote this headline? It says that the threats come from Saudi Arabia. The story does not say that at all. It says that the Saudi authorities warned the French of threats from others.
This kind of sloppy journalism only spreads disinformation, hatred and unjustified fear.

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