Further three bodies found aboard Costa Concordia

by Alister POOLE on March 22, 2012

Over two months since the Costa Concordia tragically capsized off the coast of Italy, a team still searching the wreck today discovered three more bodies.

Rome officials say that the corpses were found just outside the ship and in a space between the wreckage and the sea bed. Thursday’s discovery means that 28 people’s bodies have now been found since 13 January, which is when the cruise ship, carrying 4,200 passengers, had its hull savagely torn apart by rocks. Unfortunately, four people still remain unaccounted for with the authorities having already presumed they are already dead.

The captain of the ship, Francesco Schettino, stands accused of causing the fatal collision by having steered it far too close to the shore of the island. Shortly after the incident, he was hit with manslaughter charges as well as causing a shipwreck then abandoning his ship before everyone aboard had been evacuated.

On a more positive note, salvage experts insist they are the closest they have ever been to completing an operation that intends to remove all oil from the Costa Concordia’s 17 tanks. The work officially began on 12 February with the team involved having already cited Friday night as when they will have things wound up by.

The next stage of a lengthy salvage operation is to involve making sure that the sea bed is cleaned up and the areas around the ship’s hull are also spotless before work starts to lift the wreck. Experts have already predicted that the full removal of the Costa Concordia will take up at least a year.

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