Global Recession Keeping Brits at Home

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on October 12, 2009

A recent study showed that the number of Britons taking their holiday within the United Kingdom has risen substantially over the last year.  Over fourteen percent more citizens of the United Kingdom are choosing to take a domestic holiday this year for a number of reasons.  The global recession coupled with the swine flu have put a large dent in the travel and tourism industry this year, with occupancy rates in hotels down all over the world.  These staycationers are the newest trend in travelers looking to save money by avoiding expensive travel abroad.

While the number of Brits staying at home has increased, international travel has taken a huge hit.  The study showed that travel abroad is down by over seventeen percent since this time last year.  The study, which was done by VisitEngland, hope to measure the impact of things like the economy and the outbreak of the swine flu virus on travel in the United Kingdom.  The study found that Brits looking to save money accounted for over nine million additional stays in the UK this year alone.

Although this is bad news for some in the travel and tourism industry, traditional United Kingdom holiday venues like water parks and caravanning sites have actually enjoyed high numbers over the summer holiday season.  It looks as though next year the trend will continue as many hotels and resorts in the United Kingdom are already reporting high numbers of bookings for 2010.

Weather may have also played a factor in the numbers as early summer rains kept many travelers at home while the drier months of late summer saw a surge in last minute bookings.

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