Greyhound Buses Roll into United Kingdom

by Ella FAIRCHILD on August 25, 2009

With more and more travelers looking to save money amid the current economic recession, FirstGroup PLC thought now would be the ideal time to introduce Greyhound buses to the UK.  FirstGroup PLC, the country’s largest operator of rail and buses, hopes that the addition of the legendary U.S. bus company will help them to compete with Stagecoach’s PLC Megabus brand, as well as National Express PLC’s bus service.

The bus line will start on September 14; nearly two years after FirstGroup PLC purchased the company for an estimated $3.6 billion from parent company Laidlaw, which provides most of the buses running in the United States.

The service will start modestly, with routes running from London to Portsmouth and Southampton every hour.  Future lines will be available in the coming years and FirstGroup PLC also hopes to coordinate routes with the Isle of Wight ferry service in the near future.

“Since FirstGroup took over Greyhound in 2007, we have hoped to bring this famous brand across the Atlantic,” said FirstGroup’s Chief Executive Moir Lockhead.  He also added, “We also believe that Greyhound UK’s growth will come from persuading more people to leave their cars at home and opt instead for our buses.”

Greyhound UK expects to thrive, as customers concerned over money and the environment are increasingly turning to buses as a viable form of transportation.

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal for the above quote.  For the complete article, please visit their website.

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