Heathrow boss refuses bonus amidst delays

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on December 23, 2010

Head at Heathrow airport, Colin Matthews, said he would forgo his bonus for 2010 after a host of delays at the airport over the festive holidays due to severe weather.

The airport’s passenger backlog has started to clear up and rail services are returning to operation as well. Matthew said that he aimed to focus on regaining public confidence after widespread criticism over the airport’s handling of delays.

As Eurostar rail services also return to full operation, some passengers, particularly on the East Coast, are still seeing delays. Airports across the UK continue to caution passengers that delays are still likely.

However, the Met Office has lifted the most severe weather warnings for many areas in the UK. Currently, all runways at Heathrow are operating as normal. Travellers have been warned, however, to contact the airport before arriving to ensure that their flights are confirmed.

Network Rail reported that 70 per cent of its services were back running on time, but a spokesperson for the group did say that delays were still ongoing. The Met Office said that Britons could continue to expect further snowfall, especially in northern and eastern regions.

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K.Norris December 24, 2010 at 11:26 pm

If executive “bonuses” are similar to most overpaid so called “execs”, Colin Mathews should split his bonus plusplus amongst the passengers that have been denied Xmas with their families , such as my daughter and son in law that were due to come home to AUSTRALIA on 18th of Dec and know May get out of pommie land , god willing n on the 26th Dec. NOT in time for Xmas but maybe in time to see the Poms get a flogging in the cricket. It certainly is not a very satisfactory situation while Mathews sits at home tucking into Xmas fare with his family while mine shivers alone in London . Still what more could you expect from a spanish owned company in a bankrupt economy in both countries!!!!!

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