Heatwave takes over central and eastern America

by Tiffany Millar on July 22, 2011

A punishing heat wave has managed to settle over the central and eastern regions of the US, with temperatures of up to 37C already the cause of 22 deaths.

The government-run National Weather Service warned that dangerous” levels of heat would be experienced as humidity creeps east, with no relief for the eastern states until Sunday. Officials believe that at least half the country’s population is under a heat advisory.

Meteorologists have dropped the temperatures down to what is a “dome” of dangerously high pressure. Yesterday, numerous regions across the central US and sections of the eastern seaboard saw heat indexes topping 43C.

There’s an exceptionally strong amount of high pressure with an exceptional scope, explained Eli Jacks, one of the National Weather Service’s leading meteorologists. The air has been sinking, compressing, and getting warmer, he continued, and it also dries out, meaning that few clouds are able to form and block the early-summer’s high sun.

Across affected areas, people and animals have been struggling to stay cool amid oppressive heat and humidity. With the heat peaking in population centres on America’s east coast such as New York and Boston, officials have warned that the death toll will rise.

Interviewed on a crowded Manhattan street, a native New Yorker explained to reporters that even though the worst of the heat wave is still yet to come, being in the city at the moment is already like sitting in a high-temp sauna 24/7

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