Heavy Snowfalls Lead to Early Alpine Season

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on November 16, 2009

There is no doubt that the travel and tourism industry has been affected worldwide.  The global recession has many potential travelers cutting back and choosing to take domestic holidays, or not to travel at all.  Because of this some resorts and hotels have had to look for new and innovative ways to draw additional customers.  While some resorts and hotels are cutting staff, others are cutting amenities and lowering room rates.  However, some resorts have recently gotten an unexpected boost, not from the economy, but from Mother Nature.  The Alpine ski season has gotten off to an early start after unseasonably large amounts of snow.  This big snowfall is a windfall to resorts, which are reaping the benefits of the early winter.

Ski resorts located in the Alps have begun the ski season earlier than ever before thanks to mid-winter level snowfall.  There has been snowfall of over fifty centimeters which allowed resorts in the Alps to open their door to skiers and snowboarders earlier than expected.  Some ski operators are saying that the early start will help to offset the heavy downturn in bookings due to the economy.  One key to the success is that the early snowfall is not melting due to lower than average temperatures which allow the snow to settle.

Many resorts were concerned about late season warm weather, which can be a killer to ski resorts.  Many are saying that if warm weather conditions remained that they might be forced to close down, as winter bookings were already looking grim.

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