Heroin lollipops seized at Florida airport

by Alister POOLE on March 6, 2012

US Customs inspectors today seized over 170 lollipops with heroin concealed in them from a jittery smuggler in Orlando airport, Florida.

Mr Rafael Quinonez Jimenez, aged 45 and a citizen of Guatemala, arrived at Orlando Airport and appeared incredibly nervous while sweating profusely as he made his way through customs with luggage, according to the report that detailed the seizure and Jiminez’s arrest.

US Customs agents searched Jiminez’s duffel bag and 3.2 kgs of heroin were found disguised as  lollipops. John Huang, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent, wrote in his report that he took the wrapper off one of the lollipops and saw that it had an incredibly thin layer of candy. In the centre though was a condensed ball of heroin powder.

Jiminez is now in custody on charges of possessing heroin with an intent to distribute. If convicted, he faces anything up to 10 years behind bars on American soil. Jiminez told investigators how he  flew to Orlando from the capital of his homeland, Guatemala City, Guatemala, after a chance encounter with a man at a petrol station close to his home.

The man gave had given him a ticket to Orlando, details of hotel reservations, and US$500 to take the bag of lollipops to the popular Floridian destination. Upon arrival, Jiminez was apparently told, he would receive additional instructions with regards to where the bag of lolipops should be delivered.

Huang insists that he doubted the story as Jiminez had three times the mentioned US$500 on his person and his body language had suggested to customs agents that the Guatemalan knew he had contraband in his luggage.

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