High Speed Rail Would Change British Travel

by Emily DUNBAR on August 28, 2009

A study by Network Rail Ltd. revealed that Britain needs a “modal shift” from planes to rail travel, and a new 34 billion pound railway would achieve just that.  The 200 mile per hour proposed train would allow customers to journey from England to Scotland in half of the time it currently takes.  Travelers would theoretically be able to travel to Glasgow from London in just over two hours, with links to both Liverpool and Birmingham. 

Network Rail Ltd. justified the massive cost of the rail line by saying that current routes were already near capacity and that train lines will be losing money as early as 2020 when they will have to start turning potential customers away.  The study estimates that the new line will produce almost 55 billion pounds in added value.

“High-speed rail can transform Britain. It can promote economic growth, regeneration and social inclusion. It is a low carbon option, cutting domestic flights and taking cars and lorries off the road,” said Iain Coucher, Chief Executive Officer for Network Rail.  Currently, travelers can go from Euston Station in London to Glasgow in about four and a half hours.

The Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Britain’s current high speed train, can only go about 140 miles per hour.

Thanks to Bloomberg for the above quote.  For more information, please visit their website.

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