Hilton Given Carbon Trust Standard

by William ASTON on November 20, 2009

Individuals and businesses around the world are looking for new and innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint.   Some businesses are using carbon offsetting to balance out the negative impact they have on the environment.  However, this practice has come under scrutiny from environmental groups who say that this practice does not encourage businesses to reduce their carbon emissions.  The Carbon Trust Standard aims to reward those businesses who are reducing their carbon emissions without using carbon trading.  Hilton Hotel was recently given the award for its efforts in reducing its carbon footprint without the use of carbon offsetting.

Hilton Worldwide was awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for their efforts in reducing carbon emissions without using carbon offsetting.  The hotel giant has reduced its carbon emissions by fifteen percent over the last four years, largely due to energy efficiency measures installed in all of their hotels.  The hotel worked with the Carbon Trust to implement the changes.  The Carbon Trust was created by the government to act to take on the issue of climate change.   Hilton installed combined heat and power units which generate energy on site, as well as upgrades of lights and thermal insulation systems.

Hilton Worldwide has also motivated its employees to get in on the action by rewarding employees who invent or implement green schemes.  The Green Champion is given an award by the hotel, which hopes to use incentive to promote green behavior.  Hilton aims to reduce its emissions by twenty percent by the year 2014.

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