Hilton Worldwide Announces a New Top-tier Hotel in Portland

by Alister POOLE on June 3, 2014

During the economic downturn, companies continued to launch a number of budget brands. This included budget airlines, hotels and car rentals. Now, the economy is back on track, and nothing shows this more than the fact that companies are starting to break away from all of the budget brands. One such case is Hilton Worldwide. The company just announced on Monday that it will soon be opening a high-end hotel in downtown Portland, Ore.

The name of the project and the location has yet to be revealed by the company. That being said, some assume that the new hotel is going to be located at 218 S.W. Jefferson St. This is because Widewaters Group just recently bought the property to build a structure. This is significant because Widewaters Group is the company that will be developing the new hotel for Hilton Worldwide.

Hilton said that the new hotel is going to be part of its Curio lineup. It also said that it should be finished by early 2015.

The Curio lineup of hotels is carefully selected for popular destinations. These hotels are all four and five stars. Some other areas where Curio hotels will be located include Chapel Hill, N.C., and Rapid City, S.D. The company also said that it plans to open a Las Vegas spot. This hotel will be on the site where the former Sahara Hotel and Resort used to be. The renovation to the hotel is going to cost nearly $415 million.

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