Holiday Inn Offers Discount for Mother in Laws

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on November 26, 2009

The global recession has taken a heavy toll on business all over the world.  One of the industries hit hardest by the economy is the travel and tourism industry, which has watched its numbers plummet over the last few years.  Car hire agencies have been forced to slim down their fleets, while airlines have cut flights due to a lack of passengers.  The hotel industry has not been immune to the struggles.  Not only have hotel chains cut staff and amenities in an effort to save money, but many have come up with innovative schemes to try and get customers to come to their location.  In addition to slashed room prices, hotels have come up with other unique ways to increase their occupancy rates, which reports show are the lowest in a decade.

Holiday Inn is one hotel chain that has come up with a unique plan to draw more customers over the holiday season.  Not only is the chain offering guests a way to save money, but also a way to reduce the stress over the holidays.  Holiday Inn is offering a special discounted room rate for mother in laws during the busy holiday season.  The tongue in cheek promotion offers families a break from one another and at the same time gives a great bargain for families looking for a way to ditch the in laws for a few days.

Relatives can get a room for their mother in law at a twenty five percent discount between December 23 and December 29.  This deal extends to all of the Holiday Inn locations.

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