Holidaymakers shun UK cuisine

by William ASTON on August 7, 2012

A survey of foreign travellers has revealed how British cuisine is regarded as being amongst the worst food in the world.

While it has been generally accepted that UK cuisine has improved over recent years, the results of the survey suggest that the majority of visiting tourists are still mightily unimpressed with Britain’s food offerings. The UK came up short when a top ten of favoured holiday destinations for food¬† lovers was put together, with Americans, Australians and Norwegians voting classics such as toad in the hole the worst cuisine.

Unsurprisingly, pizzas and pasta from Italy came top of the poll as the most favoured foreign food as it appeals to an impressive 32 per cent of people questioned, of which there were 27,000 in total. French cuisine, which managed 24 per cent, followed closely in second.

Rising in popularity is Japanese food, with 18 per cent’s worth of those surveyed giving cuisine such as sushi and bento boxes the nod.¬† Other Asian food that made it into the top ten was Chinese, with 13 per cent, Thai, which came in eight place, and Indian, which was joint ninth.

Residents of 25 countries that were questioned and asked to detail their food preferences had their answers complied by, the popular hotel booking website. Of the Britons that participated in the poll, 60 per cent opted for French cuisine when narrowing down their overall favourite.

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