Hotel Leaders Demand More Promotion of Tourism

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on August 27, 2009

Despite the fact that tourism represents nearly one fifth of the British economy, a recent report is claiming the industry has been mismanaged and under promoted by the British government.  The report, which was authorized by the British Chambers of Commerce and Travelodge is titled Backing UK Tourism: Destination Recovery.  This report has hotel industry leaders demanding a more organized approach to the promotion of tourism in the United Kingdom.

The travel industry in the United Kingdom is estimated to employ nearly a million and a half people and generate more than £86 billion in revenue.  This makes it one of the most vital parts of the overall economy of the United Kingdom, one of many places feeling the sting of the slumping global economy, which has coupled with the swine flu to effectively slow the travel industry.

British Chambers of Commerce director Dr. Adam Marshall stated that the industry needs much more structured support from governments if it is going to get back on its feet and remain one of the UK’s most important industries. 

“This is a sector which can rapidly create jobs, even in the current economic conditions, yet it suffers from an extremely confused support structure,” Dr. Marshall warned in a statement.

The BCC hopes that governments in the UK will not just throw money at the problem but approach the industry with a more structured plan for promotion.

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