Hotel offers guests revolutionary electronic Bibles

by Tiffany Millar on July 2, 2012

A Newcastle hotel has replaced its copies of the Gideon’s Bible and replaced them with a special electronic version of the Christian text.

As of today, all of the Hotel Indigo’s 148 rooms will contain an exclusive Kindle e-reader that is pre-loaded with one copy of the Bible. Hotel Indigo is claiming that it is the first in the UK to be able to offer such services.

Guests are also allowed to download one copy of another religious text during their stay. Additionally, regular fiction books may also be purchased, with costs added to guests’ bills.

This policy is only being adopted on a limited trial basis for the time being, until July 16 to be exact, after which decisions will be made on if the service will be retained  in Newcastle, or if it will  possibly be expanded to  the 44 hotels the chain has around the world.

The general manager of the hotel, Adam Munday, said the idea had been inspired by the great literary heritage that the city of Newcastle boasts. The city was once among the UK’s biggest publishing hotspots, with the hotel found near the magnificent Literary and Philosophical Society being Britain’s largest independent library away from London while playing host to over 150,000 books.

Gideon’s International is an evangelical Christian organisation that was founded in the US in 1899. It has been dedicated to giving out free copies of Christianity’s holy book, the Bible, in hotel rooms for a number of decades with almost 80 million bibles distributed last year alone.

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