Hotels Added to British Airports

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on September 18, 2009

Premier Inn has announced that it will open four new hotels in the main international airports of London.  Two hotels will be opened at Heathrow airport, while Gatwick and Stansted receive the remaining two.  The development of these hotels will commence in the fall of 2011 and will cost the well known chain of hotels an estimated one hundred and twenty five million pounds.

A spokesman for Premier Inn said that this move will show that the company is confident that the global recession is coming to an end.  The extreme downturn in the economy has largely been responsible for a dramatic downturn in the occupancy rates of most hotels.  Airlines have also been feeling the pinch, which makes this move, a questionable one to some in the industry.  However, Premier Inn hopes to take advantage of an economy that they feel is recovering.

The Heathrow branches of the hotel will be opened at Terminal five and will have an estimated four hundred rooms available for guests.  A similar sized hotel will be built in Gatwick while the Stansted hotel will only have three hundred rooms.

Premier Inn already has a presence in UK airports, as they have locations in Liverpool, Glasgow, and Aberdeen.  They hope to continue to expand into additional airports as they feel airline travel is a good investment for the long term.

Recently budget airlines have been the only ones to enjoy any success, so Premier Inn is hoping that travelers will also be looking to save money on accommodation, which makes them a good choice.

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