Hotels are not Eco-Friendly for Holidays

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on October 5, 2009

The global economy and the outbreak of the swine flu have put a large dent in the travel and tourism industry over the last year.  Families are increasingly choosing to stay home over expensive holidays which require flights, hotels, food, and entertainment.  With more families looking for holidays that are easy on the finances, eco-friendly holidays are now becoming popular in the United Kingdom.  Holidays which are good for the environment are generally much cheaper than traditional holidays and offer a family ways to contribute to the green cause and save money at the same time.

Most people in the UK consider themselves to be eco-friendly at work and at home, but few consider these things when they head out for a holiday.  Studies show that holidaymakers tend to be more wasteful when on holiday then they are in their day to day lives.  A recent study offers holidaymakers ways to decrease their carbon footprint, as well as decrease the imprint their holiday leaves on their family finances.

One choice offered by the study was for families to get involved in green projects while on holiday.  Organizations like the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers offer people ways to get involved in environmental restoration projects while making their holiday.  The Trust says that green volunteer holidays are a fun way for families to learn important information about the environment while meeting people who have similar concerns.

Another option offered by the study was to camp instead of using eco-unfriendly hotels.  By using environmentally friendly cutlery and supplies, holidaymakers can significantly reduce the carbon footprint made by staying in a hotel.  If a hotel is necessary, the study recommends doing research to find environmentally friendly hotels.

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