Huge Renovation Planned for London City Airport

by Ella FAIRCHILD on September 17, 2009

In an effort to enlarge the departure area as well as add to the number of security channels, the London City Airport will receive a multi-million pound renovation of its terminal building.  The renovation is expected to take place next year and hopes to help the growing number of customers who book their tickets online.  This trend of passengers has many airports re-thinking the layout of their terminals.

Many customers are now booking their tickets online, which means that they can bypass the check in counters and go directly to security.   This has led to increased traffic in the security lines, longer queues and more customer delays.  This has prompted the airport into being more proactive about the design of their terminal, which they hope will make things go more quickly from the growing number of passengers who do all of their booking and check in on the internet.

The airport did research do discover how many passengers could be moved through a security line in the most efficient manner.  This allowed them to pinpoint the exact number of lanes they would need to add to make the lines move more smoothly.

The airport foresees the day when the check in counter will be a thing of the past and customers will simply file directly into the security lines.  This means that the airport of the future will have far fewer jobs for check in personal and far more for security personal, perhaps in a reflection of our society’s increased use of technology, as well as our growing concern over security.

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