Hundreds of Americans Trapped in Haiti

by Alister POOLE on January 19, 2010

The earthquake that rocked Port au Prince in Haiti last week has left the country in a state of emergency as rescue operations have been slow coming.  People on the scene are reporting that supplies are difficult to get to the areas that need them most as roads are destroyed.  Also, many of the emergency services in Haiti, which were already limited, were destroyed during the quake, leaving the impoverished nation without the necessary means of helping those in need.  Aid is pouring in from around the globe but thus far it is difficult to determine whether or not any of it is actually reaching the people who need it.  There have been widespread reports of abuse already, as people still trapped in the rubble wait in vain for rescuers that may or may not be coming.

As military personnel from the United States arrive on the scene, those Americans who are trapped in Haiti have been pleading with them to give them a lift home.  Hundreds of Americans are currently in Haiti and many of them have been unable to contact the outside world so that they can tell their friends and family that they are all right.  Some held up U.S. Passports and begged soldiers to let them get on one of the flights leaving from Haiti.  Many of the Americans are part of missionary groups and say that they have no idea when or how they are going to get home.
So far, very few have been able to make it out, as American soldiers try to separate the U.S. citizens from the other foreign nationals.

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