Hurricane Sandy cause of anguish for thousands of holidaymakers and ex-pats; American storm leaves many stranded

by Tiffany Millar on October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has been causing anguish for thousands of British travellers that were scheduled to travel back to the UK.

For Clare duPont, an ex-pat now living in the US, her trip back to England was already difficult enough without having to be left stranded by the might of Hurricane Sandy. Born in London, Mrs duPont headed home to see her father John, aged 96, one last time before his death and was meant to return to her home in Grand Junction, Colorado yesterday.

Unfortunately though, the hurricane forced United Airlines into cancelling her flight home – which meant that the 68-year-old paralegal, now retired, was left both flightless and homeless at London Heathrow. Mrs duPont, who decided to treat herself to a business class ticket that cost over £2,500, was informed that she is able to fly to Houston, Texas tomorrow but only on standby for a connecting flight to Denver, Colorado.

As they have stressed that the hurricane was out of their hands as an act of god, United Airlines has offered her no compensation and will not pay for her to stay in a London hotel. Holding back tears, the ex-pat remarked that the trip was already one of a sad nature but has been made much worse  by her treatment at the hands of the carrier.

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