Icy Road Warning Issued by Met Office

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on January 18, 2010

This winter has brought with it a score of nasty weather which has left most of the United Kingdom buried under snow, ice, and cold.  Although the recent thaw helped clear some roads, the Met Office is warning that the winter weather is not yet over and that parts of the United Kingdom can still expect dangerous road conditions caused by black ice.  Many roads have had to be shut down due to the weather as well as a shortage of grit and salt which has made it nearly impossible to clear all of the roads.  This is especially true in Scotland, where conditions have made the roads treacherous.  As the UK awaits a new shipment of grit and salt, the Met Office is warning citizens that road conditions will continue to be bad even though the temperatures have went up in the last few days.

Black ice has become a big danger on roads as higher temperatures have actually led to the melting of snow, which then turns into dangerous ice.  The Met Office has issued a warning of widespread icy roads especially around parts of Scotland, where black ice has been prevalent.  The Met Office is also warning that warmer temperatures can also lead to rainfall and thawing that could cause flash floods around the United Kingdom, especially in Northern England and Wales, where snowfall was the heaviest. 

Hundreds of schools around the UK remain closed although many in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland have been opened for students who are taking their GCSE exams.

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