Illegal migrants able to enter Britain without passports

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on July 7, 2011

David Cameron has announced that he will look into shutting down an “outrageous” loophole at UK airports which might allow terrorists to illegally enter the country.

Robert Halfon MP claims that he has uncovered a scam that could see people entering the UK without having their passports checked. Both immigration and special branch officials have repeatedly complained that extremists are able to utilise a “Common Area Travel Channel” loophole, allowing people access to Britain without having their passports checked, said Halfon.

Typically, those that have already taken advantage of the situation flew to London airports, with additional air tickets from a different destination across the British Isles. The air ticket is then used to walk through an airport’s “common area”, which is where travellers aren’t normally asked to flash their passports.

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, Halfon, Harlow’s Conservative MP, asked whether or not David Cameron was aware that both immigration and special branch officials at London Stansted Airport have raised concerns over the ‘Common Area Travel Channel’, as apparently Islamists and terrorists are being allowed to enter the country without having their passports checked.

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