Interpol Arrests Man in Airport after Warning

by Ella FAIRCHILD on January 27, 2010

Since the failed Christmas day attack in which a young Nigerian man tried to explode a trans-Atlantic flight headed to Detroit with a bomb he had in his underwear, airports around the world have had to step up their security efforts, especially on flights coming to or from the United States or the United Kingdom.  These new security measures have already yielded several arrests, as airports are now taking even the smallest threat seriously.  Three men at Heathrow airport were arrested after making a joke to cabin crew aboard their plane, and another man was arrested in New Jersey after accidentally walking out an emergency exit.  Although these cases were very likely just mistakes or ill timed jokes, it shows that the airports are no longer taking any chances when it comes to security measures.

This heightened security led to another arrest recently, as a man on Interpol’s most wanted list was arrested after leaving the United Kingdom.  The man was arrested at OR Tambo International Airport after his plane, which came from the UK, had landed.  A red flag notice was sent to Interpol after the man boarded the plane in the UK.  This warning allows Interpol to track people who are on their most wanted list.  The forty seven year old man was traveling to South Africa to attend a meeting of the Islam Channel, which is an Islamic broadcaster based in London.
Thus far, details about the man have not emerged and he is being held in a location that has not yet been disclosed.

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