IranAir black box recovered from crash site

by William ASTON on January 11, 2011

Investigators have recovered the black box from the Iran jet crash that killed at least 77 people.

The IranAir Boeing 727 went down with over 100 people on board as it flew from Tehran to Orumiyeh. The plane reportedly broke into pieces as it neared the city after missing its landing at a nearby airport.

The pilots reported technical failures just before their first landing attempt, said the state-run media. Transport Minister Hamid Behbahani said that 27 people are injured, some critically.

He added that plane’s data recorded has been handed over to a committee commissioned to investigate the plane crash. Reports have varied as to whether there were 104 or 105 people on board. Some reports indicate that two people may be unaccounted for.

According to state news agency IRNA, two children are dead. Survivor Hossein Haqiqi said that just before the crash the pilot had announced they would be emergency landing.

According to Mr Haqiqi, the plane hit the ground just like the movies and all the lights went out. He said he fainted and was not aware of his surroundings.

A second passenger said that rescuers had to cut through the aircraft to retrieve her from the wreckage. TV footage showed how the plane’s crumpled remains landed in a field. Video showed it torn into several pieces.

Records suggest that the Boeing 727 was delivered in 1974 to IranAir as growing criticism says Iran’s several recent plane crashes are due to outdated equipment.

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