Italian liner will reach intended Seychelles destination on Thursday

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on February 28, 2012

A French fishing vessel today began towing a cruise ship that was drifting powerless near to a Seychelles island in the Indian Ocean.
The liner isn’t expected to reach its intended destination until Thursday at the earliest, according to company officials. Reporters were told by Costa Crocerie, the Italian cruise company, that its stricken ship is carrying over 1,000 passengers and that crew members will finally arrive at the main islands in the Seychelles, Mahe, on Thursday.

On Monday, the Costa Allegra lost power after a fire started in its generator room just six weeks since the Costa Concordia, a sister ship, hit a reef then capsized off Italy. Thankfully there were no deaths or injuries on Monday, but the blaze meant that the cruise-liner was set adrift in a region where pirates from east African countries such as Somalia prey on ships.

Officials had said that arrangements were being made to get passengers off the liner and safely on to Descroches island today. They will then have to wait to be taken to Mahe by either plane or fast boat on Thursday. The company said that it has been keeping passengers in the most comfortable environment possible, with helicopters guaranteeing that they have endless supplies of food, comfort items and important items such as flashlights. Photos released by government officials in Seychelles today showed hundreds of passengers hanging around on the Costa Allegra’s decks. They were taken by a plane provided by the Indian navy.

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