Japanese Find Dead Body on Delta Air Lines Flight

by William ASTON on February 9, 2010

The dead body of a man was found on Delta Air Lines Flight 59 when it landed at Narita Airport in Japan. The flight had departed from New York on Saturday afternoon and landed Sunday evening only for maintenance crew to find a dark skinned man wearing blue jeans and a red and blue long-sleeved shirt in the landing gear compartment door.

The man didn’t have a passport on him and didn’t appear to be carrying luggage with him, as none was found with him. Japanese authorities are getting help from the airline to identify the man. A Delta Air Lines representative said that they are co-operating with Japanese officials, who are leading an investigation.

Police at Narita Airport said that the body didn’t seem to have external injuries. However, they saw the man suffered from frostbite, which could have occurred while the plane was in the air. There hasn’t been an official cause of death announced though.

The spokesman for the airport police, Yoshimi Ichihara, said that doctors think the man died of freezing temperatures and lack of oxygen, as the aircraft was over 30,000 feet in the air. The spokesman added that if the man had belongings with him, they may have fallen out into the ocean when the landing gear was put down.

The main housing compartment for the landing gear has enough room in it for a person to hide. However, this area of an aircraft isn’t pressurized like the cabin is. This has caused many instances of stowaways dying in the landing gear compartment due to lack of oxygen, not to mention freezing temperatures.

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