Kabul gunmen attack Interncontinental hotel

by William ASTON on June 29, 2011

 At least seven people have been reported dead after a high-class hotel in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, came under an intense attack from gunmen and suicide bombers.Government officials say that three bombers blew themselves up on the premises of the Intercontinental Hotel but another was shot dead.

Later, Nato confirmed that two of its helicopters killed three attackers that were on the
Kabul’s police chief spoke to foreign reporters and explained how the troops entered the hotel and made sure all the guests remained safe. After an operation that lasted over four hours, the authorities insist that all the attackers were killed.

 At a media conference, Afghanistan’s Interior ministry spokesman Mr Siddiq Siddiqi revealed that the seven that were killed were all Afghani nationals and didn’t include insurgents who also died. He said that eight other people were wounded and that the amount of casualties could rise.
A spokesman from the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid, confirmed that his group was responsible the attack. Popular with Westerners, Kabul’s Intercontinental is one of the most famous hotels in the Afghani capital and rests on a large hill in the western reaches of the city.
One guest who was caught up in midst of the attack explained to the media that he had just experienced what were the most testing hours of his life.  Another appeared still shaken when
describing a scene of complete chaos and panic with everyone running around in fear.
In addition to a meeting of governors, a wedding party was taking place on the hotel’s grounds at the time of the attack.

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