KFC Plans to Come to Burnley

by Alister POOLE on November 24, 2009

A new addition to Burnley could possibly set off a war in the neighborhood, but this is the kind of war that could be good for residents.  A price war is set to break out in Burnley after it was announced that a new KFC will be built near a McDonalds, a move which many feel will lead to the two fast food giants competing for customers in the area, especially late night revelers, who are known for their preference for unhealthy fast food.  KFC plans to open a location on Trafalgar street, which is very near to where McDonalds already has a chain.  The plans to open the KFC could be put into action as early as next week.

So far the plans have met with little or no resistance from local councils or residents, largely due to the fact that there are very few residential homes in the area.  The scheme has already been supported by a councilor as well as a transport survey.  The new KFC will create some much needed jobs for the Burnley area, as many as thirty according to the fried chicken giant.  One the plans are approved by the Burnley Councils development control committee, a new building will be constructed in the area which will house the new fast food chain.  KFC already has one location and Burnley but thinks that the city can support another.

If the plans are approved the new location will feature fourteen parking spaces for customers and will be open from approximately ten am to midnight.

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