King George’s Limo Coveted by Car Hire Agencies

by Ella FAIRCHILD on September 15, 2009

A former royal limousine which was recently returned from America to the United Kingdom is set to go on auction at the Bonhams Beaulieu Sale.  The auction will be held at the National Motor Museum which is located in New Forest, South England.  The car was once owned by England’s King George VI and was purchased by the king in 1939.

Although the car is said to be in slight disrepair, it is still being highly coveted by car hire firms and limousine services, who would love nothing more than to add the unique car to their fleet.  The car was used quite often by King George to take his family on trips, thus making it not only a potential get for car hire agencies looking to offer a unique car hire experience, but for any collectors of memorabilia from the royal family.

The limo was purchased by King George in Birmingham from a company called Hoopers Coach Builders and is unique for many reasons.  Besides the obvious fact that it was owned by the King of England, the car also has several features that make it different from other vehicles made at the time.  One difference is that the limo’s interior was made of cloth instead of leather.

After King George died in 1952, Elizabeth continued to use the car after she took over as the reigning queen of England.  The limo is expected to bring in at least thirty five thousand pounds at the auction.  Since then Queen Elizabeth has continued the family’s well known love of cars, most recently purchasing three bullet proof Land Rovers.

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