Larger ships safer, insists Royal Caribbean boss

by Ella FAIRCHILD on March 21, 2012

Royal Caribbean’s chief executive has dismissed fears circulating around the safety of larger cruise ships, claiming that they are just as safe as smaller vessels, if not safer than them.

Mr Richard Fain, whose company currently operates many of the world’s largest cruise ships, made his comments in response to concerns raised after January’s Costa Concordia disaster, which saw 32 passengers die. Fain said that newer and bigger ships are either as safe or even safer than comparable smaller ships.

Over 4,250 passengers and crew members were aboard the Costa Concordia when it struck a reef just off the coast of Giglio island in Tuscany, Italy on Friday 13 January of this year. While  the actions of captain Francesco Schettino, have been questioned, there have been doubts raised about evacuation procedures aboard larger cruise ships as well as their general safety.

Royal Caribbean’s largest vessels – such as the Oasis of the Seas or the Allure of the Seas – are capable of carrying over 7,500 passengers and crew members if required of them. Mr Fain, in an interview with the Financial Times, made claims that evacuations of larger ships are actually faster due to the greater amount of exits on board. It was also claimed that larger ships offer a much more comfortable experience for all passengers aboard them.

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