London hotels continue with Olympic rate price hikes

by Alister POOLE on June 11, 2012

Hoteliers in London will continue with their sharp price rises throughout the Olympics, in spite of the fact that over a third of rooms remain unsold.

Research conducted by hotel booking website revealed that, on average, the price of a room in a London hotel during the competition, which will run from July 27 to August 12, currently stands at £281 per night - although it must be noted that 36 per cent’s worth of rooms haven’t been filled yet. Those that wish to stay in the capital  a week before the Olympics will have to pay a rate of £180 per night on average, while the rate is at £159 for any guests that wish to stay in London a week after the Games have finished.

These findings come fresh off the heels of the mayor of London’s office accusing some hoteliers of ruining the capital’s image of being an affordable destination. Boris Johnson’s deputy, Kit Malthouse, has warned how overpricing might cause damage in the long-term with regards to visitor numbers, with the example of Atlanta in the US state of Georgia cited. After the 1996 games had finished there, a sharp drop in foreign arrivals was experienced.

JacTravel, a provider of wholesale accommodation for mostly inbound tour operators, has already gone on record by saying that its London bookings are down by at least 35 per cent for the month of July and down by 30 per cent for the following month, August.

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