London hotels rated as worst in Britain

by Emily DUNBAR on June 18, 2012

A survey has suggested that London hotels must learn more about pleasing their guests.

The capital of England and the UK only managed to hit tenth place behind other British cities in a poll that recently measured the satisfaction of guests by booking website
With London’s hotels preparing to cater for both British and foreign visitors for the highly anticipated Games,’s poll of over 10,000 guests has suggested that improvements will be welcomed.  UK Hotels were ranked on criteria including value for money, room quality, cleanliness, noise, friendliness of staff, and quality of food.

The British city with the most satisfied hotel guests was South Yorkshire’s Sheffield, which managed to achieve an average score of around 7.6 out of ten. The ‘Steel City’ was closely followed by Merseyside’s Liverpool and West Yorkshire’s Leeds. The Scottish capital Edinburgh came fourth, while London was only capable of scoring only 6.58.

A string of other European capitals also scored much better, with Riga, Madrid, Helsinki, Bratislava, Berlin, Tallinn, and Prague, - among others - toppling London. Of the cities to be featured in the study, hotels in the Polish capital Warsaw ( which scored 7.9 out of ten) were found to be the most pleasing to previous guests for the second year on the trot, according to

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