London Oxford Airport Gets Boost from F1

by Ella FAIRCHILD on December 16, 2009

The economy has taken a heavy toll on the airline industry, as customers decide to put off travel until the recession is over.  This has meant that many airlines and airports have had to take drastic measures to ensure that they survive the global economic crisis.  Some airlines have cut flights, while some airports have looked for ways to be more efficient in an effort to cut costs.  Overall, this year has not provided airports and airlines much to be excited about.  However, there was some good news recently as an announcement was made that will help the London Oxford Airport get at least some of the business back that they lost as a result of the economic downturn.

The announcement was one that didn’t really involve the airport, but one which should benefit it greatly.  Silverstone announced that it will once again be hosting the British Grand Prix, which is one of the oldest Formula One races in the world.  This should provide a substantial boost to the local economy as both the British Grand Prix and the MotoGp will be held at the track.  This is especially good news for the London Oxford Airport, whose proximity to the race has always made it a popular place for racers and people attending the event to fly into.  For decades the airport has provided regional support for the racers and sponsors and now can expect seventeen more years of business, as Silverstone has signed on to host the British Grand Prix for the next seventeen years.

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