London receives bomb warning

by Alister POOLE on May 16, 2011

A bomb threat for the UK capital London was issued by dissidents from Ireland in what was the first coded warning out of Northern Ireland for 10 years, according to officials.

Streets surrounding the Mall were shut for five hours this morning amid major security alerts. Whitehall officials say that the call came from a number within the Irish Republic last night. Despite the news, the threat level for all Northern Ireland-related terrorist activities, which currently stands at severe, hasn’t been changed.

The warning comes before the Queen’s planned historic visit to EIRE on Tuesday, amid massive security operations. The Metropolitan Police say that the threat wasn’t specific with regards to location or time.

A spokesman from Scotland Yard said through a statement that all officers are advised to remain highly vigilant and ensure that London remains safe. The public has been urged to go about business as usual but to make sure that they keep a look out for any unusual activity or behaviour.

This morning, The Mall and was closed after security alerts were sparked by one particular break-in at 2 Carlton Gardens, the home of one of the UK government’s main think tanks. It is adjacent to William Hague’s residence, where the foreign secretary is widely-believed to have been when the break-in occurred.

Pictures from the scene show a van of trained search dogs, as well as the Met’s underwater or confined spaces search team.

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barbra harribo May 16, 2011 at 7:56 pm

Dang. I’m going on a trip to london tomorrow un’all:/.

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