Luftansa Code-share will help UK Travelers

by Ella FAIRCHILD on September 2, 2009

Travelers from the United Kingdom can expect to benefit from a recent code-share agreement between Luftansa and JetBlue.  This code-share agreement will allow Luftansa access to twelve additional destinations in the United States and Puerto Rico, which the airlines is hailing as good news for UK travelers.   Customers will be able to transit effortlessly between the two airlines, allowing for more connecting flights throughout the UK and U.S.

JetBlue flies to many locations in the United States including Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, Tampa, and West Palm Beach in addition to its routes to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This means that customers going to any of JetBlue’s destinations will be able to transfer from their Luftansa flights to JetBlue flights without any additional hassle.  New York, Frankfurt, and Munich will all be locations where customers will be able to make this switch.

“The destinations being offered are all very popular business and leisure areas that, until now, have been more difficult to access,” said Marianne Sammann, General Manager of Luftansa Ireland and UK.

Last January, Luftansa acquired a large share of JetBlue, nearly 16 percent, so the move for a code-share agreement was a logical one.  The move is pending approval from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation.

The above quote comes from Travel Mole.  For the complete article, please visit their website.

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