Majority of Brits disregard environment when selecting holiday destinations

by Alister POOLE on July 13, 2011

Nearly 70% of British people don’t let environmental concerns have an influence on their holiday choices, according to a recent study.

The study of in excess of 3,000 adults across the UK, as well as France and Belgium, also discovered that over half of Britons, 55%, go on anything up to three flying holidays per year, while just 38% do so in France. The research revealed that despite difficult economic times, around 6% of Brits go on at least five holidays per year, which might generate three tonnes of harmful carbon emissions per person.

This week’s findings also highlight foreign travel becoming easier and more accessible for people all over the UK. Nowadays, people are travelling even further than they ever did before and also from a younger age. In Britain, less than 3% of those over 65 embarked on their first foreign holiday before five years of age, compared to 48% of those from 18 to 24 years of age.

People in Belgium equally seem eager to travel from young ages, with 57% of those aged 18 to 24 across the small European country taking their first holiday on foreign before reaching their fifth birthday. This compares with only a third of French people 18-24 year olds. While Brits seem to clearly understand how their personal daily travel is damaging to the environment, less than 17% of Britons ranked recreation or travel holidays as being the most damaging.

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